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            Groenhorst - Agricultural Vocational Education and Training

            Groenhorst Barneveld

            Groenhorst is a leading agricultural training centre with ten campuses in the Netherlands. For decades we have provided excellent professional education in the field of agriculture, horticulture, livestock, equine studies and veterinary nursing. Respect for people, animals and the environment are core values for Groenhorst.

            Our versatile education has a strong vocational foundation. Theoretical knowledge is always paired with practical applications.

            Besides modern school buildings, Groenhorst also offers top facilities such as agricultural and horticultural businesses, a veterinary training centre, dairy barns, greenhouses and full equine facilities.

            Aeres Group

            As a member of the Aeres Group, Groenhorst receives the benefits of the larger educational network. Groenhorst students can take advantage of courses and degrees offered at other member institutions such as Dronten University of Applied Sciences and Stoas University of Applied Sciences and Teacher Training. Through a sharing of best practices within this broader network we make sure that our curriculum and methods are always up to date and relevant to the leading trends in the green sector.

            Groenhorst International

            Throughout the world there is an increasing demand for vocational training in the agri-food sector. At this moment Groenhorst is active in Africa, China, Europe, India and the Middle East. Over the years we have seen how education can make things change.









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